airscan logoThe Wireless Journey Time Monitoring Solution that analyses and actively manages traffic congestion.

Airscan from Iknaia provides intelligent and accurate measurement of vehicle and pedestrian journey times and behaviour using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals transmitted by visible devices.

Airscan also combines Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons to effectively ‘Check-in’ staff members and track and monitor assets.

Airscan is a completely portable solution that is easy and cost-effective to set up and install for permanent and temporary journey time monitoring and real-time active management of diversion routes. It is used to give informative information to drivers by presenting accurate journey time information for diversion routes.

It is suitable for short and long distance journey time monitoring and capable of tracking Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IDs up to a range of 150m, and up to 70mph.

bullet5Reduces Traffic Congestion

bullet5Offers drivers advance information on journey times

bullet5Reports journey times for short and long distances

bullet5Temporary or permanent installations available

bullet5Easy to set up and Install

bullet5Web management console optimised for mobile devices

bullet5Generates alerts to variable signs

bullet5Useful for pedestrian and crowd monitoring

The Key intelligence of the system is in the unique algorithms that interpret the data collected from the devices and then calculate the time taken from point to point. This takes into account data from unwanted zones and eliminates anomalies to give accurate journey time monitoring.

bullet5Portable and easy installation, comes with a range of mounts and brackets

bullet5Transmits data to cloud server providing real-time view of diversion impacts

bullet5Capable of detecting Bluetooth and WiFi ids up to 70mph

bullet5Able to identify safety issues in real-time such as incidents that impact on journey time reliability


Data Protection Statement:

The Airscan system for diversion route journey time calculation uses Media Access Control (MAC) addresses, which allows for unannounced, non-participatory, and simultaneous detection of devices at strategic journey waypoints. Detecting devices in this way and in isolation, remains anonymous, as each fixed MAC address cannot be associated with any personal information including names, mobile phone numbers, vehicles or persons.

Airscan only retains MAC addresses for a limited time and does not use these addresses for any purpose other than for measuring, in real-time, any diversion route impact and advise road users in advance of potential delays.

Device owners may ‘opt-out’ by making their devices undiscoverable in Bluetooth and WiFi device settings.