Journey Time Monitoring

Journey Time Monitoring

Airscan is the Award Winning Wireless Journey Time Monitoring Solution created by Iknaia. We use a new generation of sensors that analyse anonymised data from Bluetooth and WiFi devices in passing vehicles to provide real-time journey time data.

Journey time information for road users through use of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is now common through work zones, but is expensive to install and therefore tends to be deployed on major routes. Airscan uses cost-effective sensor technology that can be quickly and easily be deployed anywhere on ANY route.

Trialled and proven whilst deployed on the M3 Smart Motorway project in Conjunction with Colas, Balfour Beatty and Highways England. Our platform calculates the time it takes to drive through diversion routes and provides real-time accurate information to motorists on road side Variable Message Signs (VMS), while informing works supervisors of any traffic congestion, such as that caused by collisions.

Airscan has revolutionised the approach to the provision and management of diversion routes.


Providing constant real-time information, Airscan actively manages traffic congestion automatically updating Variable Message Signs remotely and producing live traffic reports.


Airscan can provide in-depth information about the current traffic situation on a selected diversion and can provide grouped data and historical reports allowing users to monitor and compare traffic situations.


With Airscan, short or far, there is no limit. With the option to place multiple detector units across the journey, we keep you updated with data across your entire journey. The more detectors, the more data.

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