The Iknaia tracking solution can be installed completely independently of any existing IT infrastructure. This ensures an easy installation without interfering with any existing networks already in place. Our team of qualified engineers will build a robust, reliable and dedicated wireless mesh data network for simplicity and security.

Iknaia technology

Our experienced engineers will build a completely autonomous, self-learning, self-healing, mesh network infrastructure that is scalable and supports permanent and temporary configurations, using the best and most suited communication technology available. This includes using LoRaWan, WiFi and/or Bluetooth.

Iknaia detector nodes can be hard wired into a normal power supply or they can be battery or solar powered dependent upon the environment.

Only one single internet connection is required to send data up to our cloud servers. This internet connection can be connected using an existing Wi-Fi network, an ethernet connection, 3G/4G or back haul over Satellite.

Our networks are monitored, so we identify any network problems and fix them before you do.

Our engineers are constantly identifying and trialling new communications technologies so we can tailor our solutions to work best in your environment.

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