Indoor & Outdoor Tracking

Tracking People, Tracking Assets

Iknaia provides a complete end to end, tried and tested, robust asset and personnel tracking system for both indoors and outdoors. Using bespoke hardware and a range of radio technologies including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and LoRaWAN we are able to locate and position assets and personnel onto a visual map in real-time.  This solution is ideal for environments such as hospitals, ambulances, construction sites, laboratories, retail stores.

Iknaia Detector

Indoor Detector Node – IKTDN02

Designed for indoors our short range detector node is literally plug and play. As small as a fire alarm this node can quickly and easily be installed into any building where it will continuously scan for Bluetooth devices such as Bluetooth Tags, Two-way Radios and Smartphones and record their location in real-time . Powered by 240v, 110v, POE or battery its ideal for long term installations to ‘pop-up’ portable projects.

Seamlessly connected to our software, once in place, these nodes will provide real-time monitoring of assets and personnel indoors. Know where your staff are at any time and never lose an asset again!

Outdoor Detector – IKTDN01

The longer range IKTDN01 is designed to used outdoors or in larger spaces and will scan for devices up to 100 metres. Choose from IP65, IP66 or IP67 depending upon the environment you wish to install.

All Iknaia detectors can be installed and configured to connect to any existing Wi-Fi network or can be networked together and connected to our 3G/4G Controller Hubs making it an easy choice to track assets and personnel as a complete standalone solution in any environment


Iknaia Detector Unit
iknaia controller unit

Controller Hub

Our Controller Hubs are the perfect solution for setting up our tracking network without having to use any existing network infrastructure. These nodes can back haul the tracking data to our cloud services simply by using 3G/4G sim cards, satellite or independent fixed line internet.

The nodes come with enbedded battery packs but can also be powered over ethernet, 12v battery, solar or standard 240v, 110v. They are portable and once set up will communicate to all other Iknaia nodes.

One Controller Hub can collect data from up to 100 Detector Nodes, all of which can be connected using the Wi-Fi mesh in each unit.

Iknaia Beacons and Sensors

With a network of  Iknaia detector nodes in place, we offer a range of low cost Bluetooth Beacons and Sensors that can collect and report real-time data and analytics. On people our system can record location, heart rate and body temperature. On assets location data and product usage information.  Heat, humidity and gas sensors can be installed to record indoor or outdoor environmental data.

Iknaia Tracking Beacon
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