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Using a new generation of sensors that analyse anonymised data from Bluetooth and WiFi devices in passing vehicles Iknaia created the award-winning mobile platform ‘Airscan’. This new system is now being used for journey time applications throughout the UK.

Airscan calculates journey time and provides real-time accurate information to roadside Variable Message Signs (VMS) while informing works supervisors of any traffic congestion, such as that caused by collisions. The technology was proven during early trials where traffic congestion occurred due to conflicting diversion route signing of adjoining local authority works and issues with traffic signals.

Airscan’s cost-effective sensor technology comes with a completely ‘self-service’ software platform that is quick and easy to set up on diversion routes or to monitor road traffic congestion. Advanced data and analytics can be viewed on the online dashboard or using our API can be fully integrated into any third-party platform.

Airscan is now being used for journey time applications throughout the UK.


Improving the utilisation of people, assets, and materials will have a significant impact on cost and profitability within the construction industry. Knowing exactly where valuable tools and equipment are in “real time” can be key to a successful construction project, as can protecting employees in an industry where accidents and injury are an ever-present danger.

Iknaia’s tracking platform uses state-of-the-art sensor technology to track and monitor workers and assets in real time.

Iknaia’s technology has widespread application within the construction industry. It can be used in conjunction with existing infrastructures and devices, as well as being deployed on a completely isolated basis. It is also an ideal solution where rapid telephony deployment is required or where temporary business locations are used.

Our bespoke hardware and ‘self-service’ dashboard is easy to set up and view, with an additional API that can be used to fully integrate data into any third-party platform.

One of the toughest issues facing portable medical devices is power consumption. Power needs for the wireless connections constrain architecture and limit applications to those capable of the battery needs of the technology.

Iknaia uses smart low energy technology, that can be utilised to improve efficiency in hospitals and other healthcare organisations,  to keep track of equipment, log and monitor staff activities within hospitals, improve health and safety and to keep track of patients.

Iknaia will provide you with the information on the location and movement of hospital equipment, devices and patients. This will significantly reduce the amount of man hours spent each day locating hospital equipment, enabling staff to spend more time tending to patients. This in turn will help reduce the cost of replacing lost equipment and could also save patients’ lives.



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