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Airscan’s Journey Time Solution Gives You Full Control

Updated: Jun 21

Airscan’s online dashboard is optimised for mobile browsing so you can easily configure and install your units on-site and access real-time reporting.

Airscan is the ideal solution for monitoring journey times on diversion routes, road closures or accidents. It’s aimed at Highways Agencies, Highways Maintenance and Infrastructure companies, Emergency Services and Local Councils.

Airscan, by Iknaia, monitors the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi IDs in anonymous vehicles and provides real-time information about changes in traffic flows not just to Highway teams but also to keep drivers informed.

Collected data is run through our unique algorithms and then presented on the dashboard where you can view:

  • Average delays – calculated using two or multiple Airscan units from point to point

  • Unique vehicles – showing the amount of unique vehicles scanned on any particular route

  • Beacon Type – comparing the signals received from Bluetooth and WiFi devices collected

  • Hourly delays – a graphical representation of the delays occurring over a given time within a set zone

  • Average Speed – calculated from point to point


The data collected can be viewed on the dashboard, or exported and integrated into any third-party application. Data can also be displayed on a Variable Message Sign.

For more information contact Iknaia on 0203 751 2980 or email

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