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Iknaia Acquires Litmus Technology, Expanding Leadership in Environmental Monitoring Solutions

Updated: Jul 5

We are thrilled to announce that Iknaia has acquired Litmus Technology, marking a significant step forward in our mission to become a global leader in environmental monitoring solutions. This strategic acquisition aligns perfectly with our vision and broadens our capabilities to include comprehensive water quality monitoring.

Since its inception in 2021, Litmus Technology has established itself as a pioneer in remote water quality monitoring using low-cost sensors. Litmus has enabled utility companies to monitor their assets and water quality across various environments. Its groundbreaking project in Chichester Harbour garnered international attention and significant media coverage, accelerating collaborations with utility companies, the Environmental Agency, and environmental groups.

Julia McNally, Founder of Iknaia, commented, "Litmus made a remarkable start by launching pollution monitoring buoys in Chichester Harbour and other locations. Integrating Litmus into Iknaia ensures the continuation of their innovative work and allows us to enhance the data collected with additional AI capabilities. By developing these affordable solutions, we can deploy a larger number of sensors across more locations, achieving more comprehensive monitoring."

The importance of Litmus Technology's contributions cannot be overstated. Last year, sewage was discharged into waters near some of England’s most celebrated beaches for nearly 8,500 hours. Litmus technology plays a crucial role in helping the water industry comply with environmental regulations and alerts swimmers and bathers to water quality conditions.

Litmus has developed a range of water quality monitoring solutions that can be installed in various environments, including harbors, rivers, lakes, and estuaries. These sensors monitor a variety of pollutants such as E. coli, conductivity/temperature, pH, dissolved oxygen (DO), turbidity, and more. Their remote monitoring solutions can detect potential algae blooms and low oxygen levels in fishing lakes, preventing risks to aquatic life.

McNally added, "Bringing Litmus in-house enables us to tackle critical water quality issues effectively. Combined with our existing Airscan air quality solutions, we are well-positioned to contribute significantly to broader climate change mitigation efforts."

Iknaia's flagship brand, Airscan, is renowned globally for providing cutting-edge outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring solutions. The acquisition of Litmus Technology enhances our portfolio and reinforces our commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation.

For more information, please contact:

+44 (0) 208 798 3556

About Iknaia: Iknaia is a leading provider of environmental monitoring solutions, specializing in air quality monitoring through its flagship brand, Airscan. With the acquisition of Litmus Technology, Iknaia now offers comprehensive solutions for both air and water quality monitoring, helping to address critical environmental issues worldwide.

About Litmus Technology: Founded in 2021, Litmus Technology specializes in remote water quality monitoring using low-cost sensors. Their innovative solutions have been deployed in various environments, providing critical data to utility companies, environmental agencies, and the general public


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