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Why Clean Air Day is Important in 2024

Clean air is a vital issue in the UK and globally. It is one of the major problems the world has to face today. In 2024, having access to clean air and a healthy environment is a privilege.

When is Clean Air Day 2024?

Clean Air Day is celebrated on June 20th, and it’s a day to recognize the serious health risks posed by air pollution, as highlighted by the World Health Organization and the UK Government. First gaining real awareness in the UK in 2017, Clean Air Day 2024 falls on Thursday, June 20th.

Importance of Clean Air in the UK

As Clean Air Day is around the corner, let’s learn some key reasons why clean air matters.

  • In the UK, it is important to talk about clean air because it can be the root to significantly reduce the health risks’ rapidly growing rate.

  • Every year 48,625 people die due to air pollution in the UK. The rate is increasing but can only be helped if serious precautions are taken. Addressing this can save many lives.

Air pollution poses the most significant environmental threat to health, leading to around 7 million premature deaths annually from conditions such as stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer, and acute respiratory infections. This underscores the critical importance of ensuring clean air for public health. 

Awareness regarding Air Pollution in the UK

Every year on June 20th, various campaigns, seminars, and events are held across the UK to raise awareness about the importance of clean air. These activities aim to promote environmentally friendly solutions and address the serious health issues caused by polluted air.

Outdoor air pollution is a serious health problem that affects people in all countries, whether rich or poor. In 2019, outdoor air pollution in cities and rural areas was estimated to cause 4.2 million early deaths worldwide each year. These deaths are due to tiny particles in the air that can cause heart and lung diseases, as well as cancer.

Creating awareness for Clean Air Day 2024 is essential for fostering a healthier environment and improving public health and also helps in changing world’s serious health issues caused by polluted air.

Why Clean Air Day Matters:

Clean Air Day showcases widespread support for clean air initiatives, providing decision-makers with a clear mandate to enact necessary systemic changes.

  • 82% of people now believe that addressing air pollution should be a priority for the UK, reflecting an 11% increase over the past three years.

Highlights the issue of air pollution and emphasizes that a cleaner air future is achievable and appealing.

  • Clean Air Day unites people in action on the same day, reaching new audiences effectively.

  • In addition to more EV charging points and e-bikes on the roads, we are witnessing innovative solutions like the NHS riverboat delivery service.

It enhances public awareness and encourages behaviors that combat air pollution.

  • Currently, 90% of people report taking at least one action to help reduce outdoor air pollution.

Why Choose Us?

Iknaia is a leading solution in this field, offering the product Airscan, which helps monitor air quality in various settings such as schools, universities, parks, commercial areas, and more. 

Airscan, the latest innovation in air quality monitoring, champions the belief that 'Everyone has the right to breathe clean air'. This National Clean Air Day 2024, Airscan is dedicated not only to helping you monitor air quality but also to fostering an eco-friendly environment. We believe in the power of collaboration to safeguard our planet.

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